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Sheena has a great rapport with our dogs and they respond to her authority and leadership with respect and a great level of attention. I now feel confident to walk our 2 dogs with the baby stroller!" - Nancy

Sheena made a house call as soon as Murray arrived.  She shared an incredible amount of valuable information; from what the ingredients meant on the puppy food bag, to advice on potty training.  She shared secrets on the use of goodies and how important it was to give constant positive reinforcement. - Cynthia Faubert

When we brought our new pup, Sam, home we just wanted to get her some basic puppy training. Sheena came right to our home which was great for our busy schedules, and included the whole family in each training session! Sam loves Sheena and looks forward to her training sessions each week. Sam has learned some great practical commands and the boys enjoy showing off her "tricks" to their friends. Sam likes showing off how smart she is too! Thanks Sheena. - The Nichols Family

Week by week Sheena would come for her visit and notice a marked improvement. We continued to watch and learn from her non-evasive and kind approach to our Bella.  Bella flourished!  Within the time frame of only 8 weeks Bella has transformed from an anxious, growling barrel of fear to a wonderful and easy going family pet.






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