Lessons are available per session to work on an individual issue or in a set for full obedience training.



In-home Dog Training

Private classes are a great way to personalize your training experience. Lessons are tailored to suit both you and your dog. In-home training is a superior way to begin your training journey. You can start as soon as you bring your pup home or even sooner to get prepared and puppy proof your house!
It is also great for the older dog who may still be struggling in certain areas like leash reactivity or manners at the door.


An Obedience Training set will teach your dog ‘The Basics’, which includes the following & more;

Behavioural Modification Program

I help dogs with all levels of behavioural challenges get to a place of confidence and calm. Dogs experiencing fear, anxiety, reactivity, barking or lunging on walks and resource aggression are some of the more common issues I see. I can help you see it from your dog’s perspective, giving you a better understanding of where it’s coming from, so you can help them move past it.

Initial visit – 2hrs+

  • Any training or behavioural work begins with a 2hr visit

Follow up visit – 1hr

  • Any visits needed after our initial visit

Set of 6 sessions (includes initial visit + 5 follow up sessions)

  • Basic puppy obedience
  • Foundation skills for dogs of any age
  • Any issues that require more than just a few sessions